... Anish#9999 Mon Mar 30 2020

Due to a few setbacks, we've had to delay the release of Discord Bot Labs V2. The new date is tentatively set for 4/15 (2 weeks late). We are however going to begin beta testing and approver & moderator applications very soon. The tentative dates and more updates can be found by joining our discord server

Discord Labs Announcement

Discord Labs

Creating the next generation of Discord sites and tools.

What We Do

At Discord Labs, we strive to make your Discord experience as great as possible. Want to view users before dealing with them? Visit Usercord. Want to grow your bot? Visit our bot list. We have a project for all your Discord related needs.

Discord Bot Labs

The Bot Labs is a great way to find amazing Discord bots for you server and to grow your bot. Come check out the lab today to find the perfect Discord bot for your server.


Create a link to your Discord profile and share it. Make sure the people your about to deal with are legit and report scammers


Grow your Discord bot with statcord.
More information is comming soon.